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E-Discovery & Information Governance

E-Discovery & Information Governance

Our attorneys have confronted the challenges of efficiently managing data and the e-discovery process through years of high stakes litigation. We have harnessed that experience to proactively maintain our clients’ data by implementing effective information governance policies and practices that manage costs and prepare companies to respond to the expensive and resource heavy burden of e-discovery and litigation.

Spiro Harrison & Nelson LLC’s e-discovery attorneys advise clients on the implementation of cost effective policies that prepare them to quickly and efficiently respond to the discovery demands during litigation. We evaluate your existing systems and provide analysis and recommendations to ensure the most efficient system for managing data and responding to discovery demands.

We also assist clients in developing cost-effective policies for retention, preservation, and destruction of electronic data, litigation readiness and responses to e-discovery requests, including document hold policies, e-discovery service provider evaluation and selection, and document collection protocols, preparing IT employees for litigation, including depositions and motion practice, overseeing production and privilege reviews, and in-house training on e-discovery and document retention matters. By implementing policies and procedures that comply with federal and state law, clients save money and narrow the risks inherent with storing old data, including privacy and security vulnerabilities.

In the event that a dispute arises, we take a proactive approach to the discovery process, aggressively moving to ensure a scope proportional to the size and cost of the matter. Our e-discovery attorneys place a heavy emphasis on the meet-and-confer process, pursuing a discovery plan that reduces the burden on our clients. During the course of litigation, we rely on data analytics and other technologies to efficiently manage your information.

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