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Real Estate

Real Estate

Spiro Harrison & Nelson’s real estate practice comprises a team of seasoned, versatile attorneys who leverage their extensive expertise in real estate to navigate intricate business transactions with precision. The firm has meticulously cultivated and expanded its formidable real estate practice handling large and small transactions for corporations, government entities and individuals.

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing individuals and private and public entities in a wide variety of real estate matters and related issues, including acquisitions, sales, leases, title and survey issues, regulatory approvals, and financing.

Our attorneys are adept at navigating agreements involving property transfer, escrow arrangements, right-of-entry and construction easements, loans, grants, leases, and operational matters. Additionally, we excel in deed preparation and execution, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected at every stage of the process.

In the compliance context, our real estate attorneys work closely with other groups including Redevelopment, Corporate and Litigation, to offer our clients the depth and experience to cover all client needs. We have a wealth of knowledge in a vast array of regulatory programs and statutory mandates affecting real property and business transactions allowing our attorneys to work through compliance issues with efficiency.

Our lawyers have extensive experience defending our clients in enforcement actions brought by the NJDEP and other governmental agencies and have been involved in myriad environmental issues, including wetlands, Brownfield sites, and other properties with environmental impacts or concerns.

Our attorneys also represent businesses seeking relief from denials of permits and approvals and from difficult permit terms. We work closely with regional and local professionals, including lenders, environmental consultants, surveyors and title insurance companies, to reach effective and efficient results for our clients.

We believe our in-depth experience across these related practice areas, coupled with our synergistic firm structure, uniquely situates us to provide the most proficient real estate law services available in New Jersey.

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